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Hmmmmmmm...,dreadful ? MP3 Downloads Mariah Carey Album.. The Emancipation of Mimi ..such a terrible attempt!!!, Mariah's worst, No Mariah No, I miss the old Mariah ? .. US only

Mariah Carey, Charmbracelet album Professional ratings

9th album, Charmbracelet is Studio album by Mariah Carey, Released 3-Dec-02, Recorded 2002, Genre R&B, pop, hip hop, Length 63:12:00, Label Island, MonarC, Producer Mariah Carey (also executive), Lyor Cohen (executive), Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Just Blaze, Randy Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, Damizza, Dre & Vidal.

Mariah Carey chronology
Greatest Hits-2001
The Remixes-2003

Singles from Charmbracelet

"Through the Rain" Released: September 24, 2002
"Boy (I Need You)" Released: November 26, 2002
"Bringin' On the Heartbreak" Released: November 25, 2003

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Is Mariah Carey Charmbracelet a good album If So would you recommend it to me?Why was Mariah Careys 2002 Album, Charmbracelet, Voiceless and horrible?Mariah Carey albums Rainbow and Charmbracelet?Why was Mariah Careys album Charmbracelet so Popular?Which Mariah Carey album was Worse, Glitter or CharmBracelet?I love the song by Mariah Carey I only wanted charmbracelet album?What is the Worst and Best Mariah Carey album?

Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Source Rating
Metacritic 43/100
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars
Billboard (Favorable)
Entertainment Weekly ©
The Guardian 2/5 stars
The New York Times (Favorable)
New York (Unfavorable)
NME (Unfavorable)
Rolling Stone 2/5 stars
Slant Magazine 3/5 stars
Yahoo! Music UK 4/10 stars

At the time of its release, reviews for Charmbracelet were an improvement over Glitter, albeit mixed at best. Charmbracelet 's main criticism laid within its content; many music reviewers felt that although the songs were good, none stood out enough to make much of an impact on radio or the market. Additionally, some critics were concerned with the condition of Mariah Mariah Carey's voice, which many felt became thin, airy and damaged when compared to her vocals throughout the early 1990s. On the website Metacritic, which averages professional reviews into a numerical score, Charmbracelet received a 43/100, indicating "generally mixed or average reviews." Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic rated Charmbracelet two out of five stars, mainly criticizing its production, as well as the condition of Mariah Mariah Carey's voice. He described her voice as "shot" and wrote "Whenever she sings, there's a raspy whistle behind her thin voice and she strains to make notes throughout the record. Mariah Carey cannot coo or softly croon, nor can she perform her trademark gravity-defying vocal runs. Her voice is damaged, and there's not a moment where it sounds strong or inviting."Billboard editor Michael Paoletta was less critical on Charmbracelet, praising Mariah Mariah Carey's return to her adult contemporary beginnings. He felt that although Carey might have alienated her hip-hop followers from her previous three albums, her older fans from the 1990s would be more receptive to the material, as well as her new image. Unlike Erlewine's criticism of Mariah Mariah Carey's voice, Tom Sinclair from Entertainment Weekly described her as "in fine voice." He agreed, however, with Charmbracelet 's common critique; its content. Sinclair felt the similar and lack-luster ballads made Charmbracelet "grow tiresome" and wrote "too much of 'Charmbracelet' is mired in middle-of-the-road muck.

Following a favorable review of Charmbracelet, in which he praised Mariah Mariah Carey's voice as "invariably astonishing", as well as Charmbracelet 's production and content, Jon Pareles from The New York Times wrote "So is Mariah Carey more herself than ever? It certainly sounds like it, although her comeback is still far from a sure thing."Ethan Browne from New York called Charmbracelet 's production of whimsical chimes and tinkling keyboards "bad", and wrote "Was Charmbracelet recorded in a Casio shop? This instrument needs to be stopped." Rating Charmbracelet two out of five stars, Barry Walters from Rolling Stone wrote that none of the songs were bold, and called them "muddy." He felt that the lack of hooks made Charmbracelet weak, and wrote "Carey needs bold songs that help her use the power and range for which she is famous. Charmbracelet is like a stream of watercolors that bleed into a puddle of brown." Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine was less critical of Charmbracelet, complimenting Mariah Mariah Carey's mixture of pop and hip-hop melodies. Following comparisons to her older work, Cinquemani concluded "Though there's nothing as immediate as "Fantasy" or "My All" here, Charmbracelet is significantly less contrived than 1999's Rainbow and almost as creatively liberating as Butterfly. British columnist Angus Batey, writing for Yahoo! Music UK called the songs on Charmbracelet "forgetful", and wrote "She used to take risks, but 'Charmbracelet' is conservative, unadventurous and uninspiring; and, while it's understandable that simply to make another record marks a triumph of sorts, it's impossible to admire Mariah to the degree that her talent ought to merit." While reviewing Charmbracelet , John Mulvey from NME criticized its content, writing "Nominally, 'Charmbracelet' is R&B, much like Tony Blair is nominally a socialist. [...] Tragedies, all told, have been worse." At the 17th Japan Gold Disc Award in 2003, Charmbracelet was nominated in the category of Rock and Pop Album of the Year

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