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Mariah Carey, Emotions Album Professional ratings

2nd album, Emotions is Studio album by Mariah Carey, Released 17-Sep-91, Recorded 1991 at Skywalker Sound, The Plant Recording Studios (Sausalito, CA), Right Track Recording, Axis Studios, Skyline Studios, Battery Studios & Giant Recording Studios (NYC), Genre R&B, soul, pop, dance-pop, gospel, Length 47:01:00, Label Columbia, CK-47980, Producer Mariah Carey, Walter Afanasieff, David Cole, Robert Clivill├ęs

Mariah Carey chronology
Mariah Carey-1990
MTV Unplugged-1992

Singles from Emotions

"Emotions" Released: August 13, 1991
"Can't Let Go" Released: October 23, 1991
"Make It Happen" Released: April 4, 1992

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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 3.5/5 stars
Allmusic 4/5 stars
The Boston Globe (Positive)
Chicago Tribune 3/4 stars
Entertainment Weekly ( C )
Orlando Sentinel (Mixed)
Los Angeles Times 2/4 stars
Rolling Stone 2/5 stars
Sun-Sentinel (Mixed)

Upon its release, Emotions garnered generally mixed reviews from contemporary music critics, many of whom both praised and criticized Emotions's content alongside Mariah Carey's vocal acrobatics. Bill Lamb from gave Emotions three and a half out of five stars, complimenting Emotions as a whole, claiming it to be "tightened" when in comparison to the original. He described Emotions's lead single as "bone chilling," however criticizing some of the Mariah Carey's high notes as "vocal range overkill." Allmusic editor, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, gave Emotions four out of five stars, calling it a "musical journey." Additionally, Erlewine picked "Emotions" and "Make It Happen" as Emotions's standout tracks and wrote "The one emotion that prevails upon completion of Emotions is definitely a positive one: satisfaction." Parry Gettelman, editor from the Orlando Sentinel, was critical on Mariah Carey's vocal acrobatics, writing "Mariah Carey has become so enamored of the ultra-high-frequency part of her range that I'm starting to suspect she may be an intergalactic spy trying to re- establish communications with the far-off Planet of Dogs." Jonathan Kurant from the Sun-Sentinel gave Emotions a mixed review, writing "Oddly, Emotions gets more original at the end, where not all people will bother getting to." Further in the review, he outed "The Wind" and "Till the End of Time" as Emotions's stand out tracks, but felt most of Emotions was unoriginal and not an improvement over her debut.

Steve Morse from The Boston Globe gave Emotions a positive review, calling it "a quantum leap in maturity and confidence." Morse felt Emotions was superior to Mariah Carey's debut, calling its lyrics "remarkable," its ballads "unspeakably beautiful," and Mariah Carey's vocal and songwriting ability "unlimited." Rob Tannenbaum from Rolling Stone was critical on Emotions, expressing how Mariah Mariah Carey's extensive use of her range made it difficult to truly feel and connect to the lyrics within the songs. Tannenbaum concluded his review on Emotions with "Mariah Carey has a remarkable vocal gift, but to date, unfortunately, her singing has been far more impressive than expressive." Arion Berger from Entertainment Weekly gave Emotions a C, calling it "colder and more calculated" than Mariah Carey's debut. Additionally, Berger mirrored similar sentiments written by Tannenbaum, writing "[Emotions] is the hybrid progeny of a venerable tradition — the tradition of the R&B diva — and crass commercial instincts. it's gospel without soul, love songs without passion, pop without buoyancy." Deborah Wilker, editor of the Sun-Sentinel, complimented Mariah Carey's vocal and singing abilities, however criticizing some of Emotions's content as a whole. Wilker wrote "With her elite industry connections and top-notch voice, Mariah Carey can do better. Sure this set is enjoyable and provides pop fans with a new diva to idolize, but Mariah Carey and company don`t come close to exploiting the full range of her musical potential." Dennis Hunt from the Los Angeles Times gave Emotions two out of a possible four stars, calling Mariah Carey's voice "spectacular and impressive," however criticizing Emotions's songs and production. Editor of the Chicago Tribune, Jan DeKnock, gave Emotions three stars, indicating a "Good" review. She called some of Emotions's ballads "boring," but described Mariah Carey's voice as "breathtaking."

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