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Mariah Carey, Glitter album Professional ratings

8th album, Glitter is Soundtrack album by Mariah Carey, Released 11-Sep-01, Recorded 2000–2001, Genre R&B, dance, hip-hop, funk, soul, disco, Length 51:45:00, Label Virgin, Producer Mariah Carey (also executive), Jimmy Jam (also executive), Terry Lewis (also executive), James "Big Jim" Wright, DJ Clue, Duro, Clark Kent, Damizza, Rick James, Walter Afanasieff, Rodney Jerkins

Mariah Carey chronology
Greatest Hits-2001

Singles from Glitter

"Loverboy" Released: July 16, 2001
"Never Too Far" Released: September 2001
"Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)" Released: December 10, 2001
"Reflections (Care Enough)" Released: 2001

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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1.5/5 stars
Billboard (Mixed)
Boston Herald (Mixed)
Daily News 2.5/5 stars
Entertainment Weekly ©
The Free Lance–Star (Favorable)
Los Angeles Times 2/4 stars
Rolling Stone 3/5 stars
Slant Magazine 3/5 stars
USA Today 1.5/4 stars

At the time of its release, reviews for Glitter were mixed at best. Glitter's main criticism layed within its content; many music reviewers felt that through an over-abundance of guest musicians, Mariah Carey was overpowered throughout most of Glitter. Additionally, many criticized its 1980s theme, which most felt was poorly conceptualized. On the website Metacritic, which averages professional reviews into a numerical score, Glitter received a 59/100, indicating "generally mixed or average reviews." Allmusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave Glitter one and a half out of five stars, calling it an "utter meltdown -- the pop equivalent of Chernobyl" and wrote "It's an embarrassment, one that might have been easier to gawk at if its creator wasn't so close to emotional destruction at the time of release." Michael Paoletta from Billboard was less critical, citing it as a "minor misstep in a stellar career that has earned the singer a few free passes. Editor Sarah Rodman from The Boston Herald gave Glitter a mixed review, praising Mariah Carey's song-writing and voice, although panning the excess of secondary musical guests. While criticizing Glitter's roster of appearances, Rodman wrote "the artists contribute mostly distracting, self-promoting jibber jabber all over what could have been Mariah Carey's best, most emotionally mature record to date." Daily News editor Chuck Campley rated Glitter two and a half out of five stars, writing "Maybe this was the best Mariah Carey could muster under the circumstances, but 'Glitter' needed more work." David Browne from Entertainment Weekly gave Glitter a mixed review, criticizing the abundance of rappers and describing Mariah Carey's vocals as "barely there" on several tracks. Concluding his review on a poor note, Browne wrote "'Glitter' is a mess, but its shameless genre hopping (and Mariah Carey's crash) makes it an unintentional concept album about the toll of relentless careerism."

Heather Vaughn from The Free-Lance Star gave Glitter a positive review, complimenting both the dance-oriented tracks, as well as the ballads. In reference to their weight on Glitter as a whole, Vaughn wrote "Sounds like Mariah's other albums, but with more of an 80s twist. The ballads really let you hear how stunning her voice actually is." Los Angeles Times critic and writer Natalie Nichols gave Glitter two out of a possible four stars, writing how Mariah Carey let Glitter "reflect the synth-driven robo-funk of that wretched decade." Nichols called Glitter's covers "tepid and pointless", while agreeing that Mariah Carey was overwhelmed by the several guest rappers, calling her voice "semi-disguised". Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone gave Glitter three out of five stars, criticizing the ballads as "big and goopy, with zero melodic or emotional punch." Aside from the ballads, Sheffield complimented Glitter, but felt it failed to deliver the success or quality that Mariah Carey needed on her debut film and soundtrack. He concluded his review of Glitter with a comparison to Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard (1992), "Mariah still hasn't found her theme song, the one people will remember her voice by. 'Glitter' is good enough to make you hope she finds it. It's not too late, either — Whitney was a veteran if not a has-been when she hit her peak with 'The Bodyguard'." Slant Magazine editor Sal Cinquemani awarded Glitter three out of five stars, writing "Mariah Carey's edgier tracks are inundated with so many guest artists that her sound ultimately becomes muddled; her pop tunes are so formulaic that it's difficult to distinguish one from the next." USA Today's Edna Gunderson rated Glitter one and a half out of four stars, criticizing Mariah Carey's overall image for the project, as well as the many guest artists on the record. She described Mariah Carey as "cheapening her image" and wrote "The whiff of desperation grows more pungent on 'Glitter' in Mariah Carey's gratuitous coloratura and transparent enlistment of street-cred boosters such as rappers Ja Rule and Mystikal.

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