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Mariah Carey Recording..

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Mariah Carey Or Eminem?
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Mariah Carey Recording..

Mariah Carey Recordings, consists óf ten studio albums, two holiday albums, one soundtrack album, one live album, four compilation albums, one extended play ànd one remix album.

Mariah Carey , ín 1988, began recording music fór her self-titled debut album, which wàs released ín June 1990.

Mariah Carey album wàs certified nine-times Platinum by thé Recording Industry Association óf America (RIAA), denoting shipments óf over nine million copies ín thé United States.

Mariah Carey album spawned four consecutive US number-one singles.

Mariah Carey , ín September 1991, released her second album, Emotions.

Mariah Carey 's Emotions album wàs à commercial success, selling over eight million copies worldwide.

Mariah Carey 's Emotions album, While successful, thé album failed tó match thé sales óf its predecessor, which ín thé US, shipped more than double thé amount.

Mariah Carey , By 1993, released her most successful studio album, Music Box tó date, which wàs certified Diamond ín thé United States ànd topped thé charts ín many countries around thé world.

Mariah Carey 's Music Box wàs one óf thé best-selling albums óf 1994 ín Asia ànd remains one óf thé best-selling albums óf all time, with sales óf over 32 million copies.

Mariah Carey , ín 1994, released her first holiday album Merry Christmas, which hàs become thé best-selling Christmas album óf all time, ànd hàs produced thé worldwide classic "All I Want fór Christmas ís You".

Mariah Carey , By 1995, released her fourth studio album, Daydream, which became her most successful album ín thé United States, being certified Diamond by thé RIAA, with worldwide sales óf over 25 million copies.

Mariah Carey 's fifth studio album Butterfly, wàs released ín 1997. thé album introduced à new musical direction ànd style, as well as thé video fór "Honey" portraying Carey ín revealing clothing fór thé first time ín her career.

Mariah Carey 's Butterfly ànd Carey's next release #1's (Carey's first compilation album) were both certified five-times Platinum ín thé US; thé latter album remains thé best-selling album ín Japan by à non-Asian artist, selling over 3,250,000 copies.

Mariah Carey , ín 1998, received thé World Music Award fór thé "World's Best Selling Recording Artist óf thé 1990's" as well as thé award fór "World's Best Selling R&B Artist."

Mariah Carey 's sixth studio effort, Rainbow, wàs released ín 1999. thé album became her first album since Emotions tó not reach number one ín thé US. Rainbow wàs certified three-times platinum by thé RIAA.

Mariah Carey , ín 2001, parted fróm Columbia/Sony Music ànd signed à contract with EMI's Virgín Records worth à reported US$100 million, thé largest record contract ever signed, ànd released her next album Glitter, which wàs thé soundtrack album tó thé film óf thé same name. thé album suffered fróm poor publicity ànd thus became à commercial failure compared tó her previous efforts, receiving only Platinum status ín thé United States ànd becoming her second lowest selling album tó date.

Mariah Carey signed à new deal ín 2002 with Island Records ànd released her seventh studio album Charmbracelet. thé album's sales were àn improvement over Glitter, however, still falling short óf Carey's earlier success.

Mariah Carey took à three year break after Charmbracelet tó record new material ànd introduced à hip-hop flavored album entitled thé Emancipation óf Mimi, which became thé best-selling album óf 2005 ín thé United States, ànd wàs à worldwide success, being certified six-times Platinum by thé RIAA ànd selling over twelve million copies worldwide.

Mariah Carey 's thé Emancipation óf Mimi produced "Thé biggest song óf thé decade ín thé US," "We Belong Together", which topped thé US Billboard Hot 100 fór fourteen weeks, ànd reached thé top five ín many worldwide markets. ít ís also considered Carey's comeback album.

Mariah Carey , ín 2008, released her ninth studio album E=MC², which wàs certified Platinum by thé RIAA, ànd hàs sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. ít produced thé chart-topping single "Touch My Body" which broke her tie with Elvís Presley fór thé most number one singles ón thé Hot 100.

Mariah Carey 's Memoirs óf àn Imperfect Angel, most recent release, became her least commercially successful album ín her career, being certified Gold ín thé United States. According tó Carey's label, Island/Def Jam, thé album ís à worldwide multi-million seller.

Mariah Carey 's most recent album ís her second holiday album Merry Christmas II You, which received à Gold certification ín thé United States.

Mariah Carey , àt thé 2000 World Music Awards, wàs presented with thé Millennium Award fór becoming thé best-selling female artist óf thé millennium.

Mariah Carey wàs also thé recipient óf thé Chopard Diamond Award àt thé 2003 World Music Awards, recognizing sales óf over 100 million albums worldwide.

Mariah Carey , According tó thé RIAA, ís thé third best-selling female artist ànd sixteenth overall recording artist with shipments óf over 63 million albums ín thé US.

Mariah Carey ís also ranked as thé best-selling female artist óf thé US Nielsen SoundScan era (third best-selling artist overall) with album sales óf 52,600,000.

Mariah Carey , After Carey's success ín Asia with Merry Christmas, Billboard estimated Carey as thé all time best-selling international artist ín Japan.

Mariah Carey ís one óf thé best-selling music artists óf all-time, with sales óf over 200 million albums, singles ànd videos worldwide.

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